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We get a kick out of competitors copying our product line right down to the wording on the labels. Buy the real thing from Jet Stream. You can trust all of our original formulas we have had since 1983. No chemical salesmen out there have ever even cleaned an airplane, much less have ever owned an aircraft detailing company for over 25 years. So don't be duped by the fakes out there!
















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This is a one day course that consists of every aspect required to completely detail any aircraft. You will be taught the proper way to polish brightwork, refursbish deice boots, wet wash, dry wash, interiors, paint polishing and sealing, proper use of chemicals and safety procedures for you and the aircraft. You will learn every trick of the trade and the proper way to detail aircraft from the owners of Jet Stream who teach the course, Cody Fulcher and Phillip Pierce. Together, we have over 54 years of experience detailing aircraft from Cessna 152's to Presidential 747's to everything in between.

We also cover all safety procedures dealing with the aircraft and the detailer. You will be trained in the safety aspects of preparing an aircraft for any detailing procedure and for protection of you doing the work. From a business perspective, we also cover who will make up your clientele, your profit centers, equipment requirements, and how to price all of your detailing services that you will offer. We have nothing to hide in our course and every aspect of the business is covered. Along with our course that will show you how to own, operate, and run a successful business, you will go home with our "Business Guide To Aircraft Detailing Manual" that you can always refer to. Better than that, we are always available for you to call after you go home to help you with any problems or questions you may have. It doesn't take 3 to 5 days to learn how to detail aircraft like some detailing schools offer and want you to believe. We encourage you to bring your video camera and document the whole day so you can always refer to what you have been taught. And remember, anything you have trouble with when you get home and are on a job, we are a simple phone call away.

Finally, you will be introduced to the finest aircraft products in the industry. Along with the best training in the industry from the most knowledgeable and experienced instructors, you will be taught product application, safety, and have a direct line to our aviation product line. All Jet Stream Products meet and conform to Boeing and McDonnell Douglas Specs, and are currently in an approval process with another major aircraft manufacturer. After completion of the course,  a "Certificate Of Completion" will be awarded to each student that may aid you in getting insurance breaks.

We have taught students from the Peruvian Air Force in Peru, Detail Companies In Canada, Kansas, Florida, California, Colorado, New York, Texas, Forida, Brazil, and Bermuda just to name a few.

Don't let your competition get the edge on you. Get all of the education and knowledge to put you a step ahead now! Learning this trade on your own could take years and put you way behind your competition.

Go home from our course with all the knowledge you will need to succeed.


AIRCRAFT METAL POLISHING: This course instructs the student in the safe and proper procedures, techniques, and products required to polish all aircraft metal surfaces to a mirror finish, using high speed buffers. Class includes hands-on polishing of bright work performed on actual aircraft.

AIRCRAFT WET WASHING: This class will instruct the student on how to follow the proper procedures, using the correct accessories and aircraft approved chemical products to safely wet wash an aircraft. There has probably been more damage done
to aircraft during the wet wash process due to harsh chemicals and high pressure washers  than any other procedure. You will be instructed how to safely wet wash and dry the aircraft exterior. Class includes you wet washing and drying an aircraft.

AIRCRAFT DRY WASHING: Due to the EPA restriction of soap and water entering city storm drains, dry washing of aircraft is sometimes the only method available to clean aircraft exteriors. This course consists of procedures and aircraft approved cleaning products that will enable the student to restore aircraft cosmetics by dry washing the airplane. You will dry wash an aircraft.

AIRCRAFT PAINT POLISHING AND SEALING: You will learn the correct and safe procedures in using a buffer on aircraft painted surfaces. This course will consist of using buffers for the removal of oxidation, carbon, oil staining, and fading. You will polish and seal a portion of an aircraft painted surface.

AIRCRAFT DE-ICE BOOT REFURBISHING: You will learn how to use the Pbs Boot Prep and Pbs Sealant system to restore and protect pneumatic de-ice boots on all aircraft. This system was developed by Jet Stream Aviation Products back in the early 80’s as a  preservative chemical which prevents black streaking on painted surfaces. You will refurbish the de-ice boots on an actual aircraft.

AIRCRAFT INTERIOR DETAILING: From 172’s to Gulfstream GV’s, you will be instructed in all aspects of detailing aircraft interiors and which products work best to recondition leather seats, to cleaning the galley, lav, cabinets, mirrors, cabin windows, cockpits, including instrument panels. Additional instruction includes the use of carpet extractors. You will detail the interior of an aircraft and be shown all of the safety issues when cleaning the interior of an aircraft.

SAFETY PROCEDURES: The safety portion of our course covers the safety aspects of the aircraft itself to the safety of the detailer while working. You are shown the proper way to prep an aircraft by taping static ports and pitot tubes as an example. You will receive a complete and thorough walk around a jet aircraft where we show you everything that needs your attention regarding safety to the aircraft. All aspects of safety to you are presented showing you how to be safe working on aircraft including eye and ear protection, proper footwear, and what you need to pay attention to when working in a hangar to name a few.

The photo below is from our Jet Stream Detailers Workshop in 2009 that consisted of a brightwork demo on a Boeing 737-200.

 Jet Stream has over 54 years of experience in the aviation industry. Along With Your Certificate Upon Completion Of The Course, You Will receive all five instructional DVD Videos of the Jet Stream Systems along with The Business Guide To Detailing Aircraft Manual for FREE!



Call 972-542-2400 to reserve your time and date. Pick a date that fits your schedule, call us, and we will schedule your course. Jet Stream Detailing Training is a one day course. We charge $3,495.00 for the course.

Student Testimonials

"I want to thank you for the GREAT training on how to correctly detail aircraft and how to operate a detailing business! I've ben around airplanes for more than 25 years and thought i've seen it all. Boy, was i wrong. You guys provided me with knowledge and skills i wish i had 25 years ago!! After leaving Dallas, i was confident enough to start detailing right away. It only took a week to obtain my first client. Speaking as a former corporate pilot, and now full time detailer, i would highly recommend your training and products to anyone, both are terrific! Thanks again and see you on the ramp."

Keith Larson, GrassRoots Aero LLC

Student Testimonial From Stu Dalziel In Kansas

"Your website does not do your Jet Stream Detailing course justice. Your acumen of aircraft detailing is beyond what i anticipated. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and breadth of knowledge you shared with me. I appreciate how genuine you guys were. After meeting your staff i felt right away like i was with family. You guys did an excellent job in sharing the knowledge of aircraft detailing. The best part of my trip was getting everything i expected for the money. I had a glimpse of scepticism before i attended, but after the first day i knew i had found a bargain. You guys truly know your stuff and i believe in your systems. I would never use anything else, and anyone who thinks they have a better system better bring it to Jet Stream. You guys said, "there are no stupid questions", and i asked a ton of them which were met with a smart answer. I would encourage anyone in this business to take the Jet Stream course".

Student Testimonial From Peter Wilson Of Longtail Aviation In Bermuda

" I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train under Jet Stream. It has helped me to meet the high demands in this sector of aviation. Jet Stream has imparted to me the knowledge, ability, confidence, and professionalism to meet customer demands. I highly recommend the Jet Stream detailing course to anyone wanting to work in the field of aircraft detailing and wanting to achieve just what i have learned from them."

Student Testimomial From Jeremy McGuire In Loveland Colorado

" You guys are absolutely FANTASTIC! I've been cleaning aircraft for three years and never realized that it could be done quicker, more efficient, as well as safer. You taught me the proper procedures as well as proper chemicals to use in all aspects of aircraft detailing. I've never been able to master certain detailing tasks before attending Jet Stream, but now with the training i've had, i've finally done it! Our aircraft here, quoting our flight crews, "Look better than they ever have...EVER!" The support given by all the guys at Jet Stream is phenominal. I've called with issues i've encountered while detailing our aircraft and Jet Stream is always right there to walk me through the process again. Thank you again for giving me the knowledge and confidence to take my aircraft detailing to a higher plane. I highly recommend this school to anyone considering detailing aircraft for a living, you will not be disappointed".


Student Testimonial From Alex Eckhardt Of Mountain Aviation In Denver, CO.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to show me the right way to detail aircraft and how to do it the faster ways. You guys were great! The tools and techniques you showed me will save me time and money. I will use your products before anyone else's. Other product companies will have huge shoes to fill. I am going to recommend your products and your course to everyone that wants to learn how to do it right. I am a customer for life!









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