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               Aircraft Detailing Accessories


100% Virgin Wool, Quick Cutting Pads, Washable, Extremely Smooth, Velcro Backing.

Buffing Pads are made from 100% wool with a 1-1/2 inch pile. These pads can be used for all brightwork and paint polishing needs and will cut through oxidation quickly and wear evenly for extremely smooth polishing. These buffing pads can also be washed and re-used multiple times for long lasting life. They do have a velcro backing and are designed to be used with a threaded nut or a Velcro  backing plate.

Part Number            Quantity             Case Price

BP12                       Case 12                  $155.40



Makes Changing Pads Easy, Improves Pads Ability To Cut Oxidation.

This plate is designed to be used with the above buffing pad. The hook and loop design  makes changing pads fast and simple.  Rigid construction helps when removing oxidation out of paint or metal.  Standard thread fits Makita, Dewalt, Hitachi and many other buffers.

Part Number           Quantity               Unit Price    

VBP01                         1                           $27.85



This Tool Will Increase The Life Of Your Buffing Pads As It Cleans Quickly

Absolutely a must tool when buffing. The Buffing Pad Spur Cleaner is used to break down compound build-up without removing the pad from the machine polisher. When buffing, the pad fills up with polishing compounds not allowing the pad to perform properly. The Buffing Pad Spur Cleaner will quickly and efficiently remove this build-up, restoring the pad to it’s full potential and Efficiently.

Part Number           Quantity            Price Per Spur

BPC01                      1 Spur                     $19.98



Large 14 Inch Brush, Soft Nylon Bristles, Safe For Aircraft, Long Wearing, Will Not Matt.

Nylon Aircraft Wash Brush will speed up the wet washing process by eliminating brush strokes. The green flagged nylon bristles and foam block backing are completely safe for aircraft surfaces. The bristles are long wearing and will not matt or fail when attacked by cleaning chemicals. The foam block has one threaded and one tapered handle hole.

Part Number          Quantity               Price Per Brush   

WB01                     1 Brush                          $26.35


                  12 FOOT TELESCOPIC POLE  

Probably Be The Last Set Of Poles Your Flight Department Will Buy.

This 12 Foot Telescopic Pole is without a doubt the best pole available for wet washing and drying an aircraft. This aluminum pole is lightweight yet strong and easily maneuvers through your hands “because of the interlocking mechanism”.  Has interlocking system which is reliable and easily adjust from 4’ to 12’ as needed.  These poles are so reliable it will probably be the last set of poles your flight department will buy.  We recommend using this pole with our wash brush, aircraft squeegee and floor squeegee.

Part Number            Quantity              Price Per Pole       

TP01                          1 Pole                        $67.50                          



Super Safe Plastic Backing Squeegee With Locking Pole Threads

Neoprene Aircraft  Squeegee   has been improved by adding locking threads for pole attachment and is now constructed from white plastic instead of metal.  Will remove water from un-even aircraft surfaces safely and smoothly.   It will save time and dozens of wet towels while completely drying any size aircraft in just minutes.

Part Number          Quantity                  Price Per Squeegee             

NAS01                    1 Squeegee                         $24.95              


                  GEAR CLEANING BRUSH

Great At Removing Carbon Dust From Brake Calipers.

9-3/4x1-3/8” Dia.  Poly handle with solvent resistant, stiff nylon bristles for tough, hard to reach areas when detailing aircraft gear assembly.

Part Number          Quantity            Price Per Brush

PCB01                           1                         $16.99


                     QUART BOTTLE / TRIGGER SPRAYER

High quality plastic chemical resistant trigger sprayer and bottle. Dilution ratio markings  from 10-1 to 1-1.  Sprayer will adjust from a stream to a mist.

Part Number          Quantity             Unit Price          Case Price               

QTS12                     Case 12                  N/A                    $41.50


                             MICROFIBER CLOTHS

Microfiber Cloths  are outstanding when used for cleaning wax from aircraft surfaces.  Special case quantities of 36 cloths are excellent for flight department requirements.  Easily removes wax buildup from rivet and screw heads.  Microfiber fabric is 100 times finer than human hair and has ninety thousand micro fibers per square inch, this makes for superior durability, ultra soft, scratch free and streak free.  Wash and reuse.   

Part Number             Quantity               Case Price

MFC36                        Case 36                  $34.95


                          POLISHING APPLICATORS

These soft 100% microfiber five inch diameter wax applicators are extremely durable, with double stitched seams, over a foam disc.  These wax applicators are a must when polishing an aircraft or dry washing an aircraft using Flyers Speed Wax.  Applicators can be washed and reused numerous times.

Part Number         Quantity                   Case Price

PA12                      Case 12                       $28.88






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