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Plexiglass System







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Plexi-Clear is an anti-static aircraft plexiglas cleaner, protectant and polish. Plexi-Clear produces a microscopic, high luster, soil retarding and water repellent finish to all aircraft plexiglas and plastics. Plexi-Clear actually seals the pores of the plastic and leaves small scratches less visible, leaving a surface that is fresh, lustrous and protected. Plexi-Clear dries perfectly with no smears, scratches, or smudges. Plexi-Clear can be applied in seconds, in one easy step. Boeing and MIL Spec Approved.

Plexiclear Cannot Ship By Air Freight. UPS or Fedex Ground Service Only

Part Number         Quantity             Case Price

PC12                      Case 12                $159.48

Plexi-Clear - MSDS 



Safe for use on all plexiglas, will not scratch.

MicroFiber Cloths  are outstanding when used for cleaning wax from aircraft surfaces, Special case quantities of 36 cloths or excellent for flight department safety requirements.  Easily removes wax buildup from around rivet and screw heads.  MicroFiber fabric is 100 times finer than human hair and has ninety thousand micro fibers per square inch.  This makes for superior durability, ultra soft, scratch free and streak free.  Wash and reuse.   

Part Number             Quantity                  Case Price

MFC36                       Case 36                      $34.95

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