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About Us

Our Vision:

Our vision is to present a solution to any potential customer, no matter what the circumstances. We are backed by an ambitious staff with the same drive to bring you the best possible service. The quality of what we offer combined with the care we provide is what makes us the best in the aviation industry.

Our Business

When we started our business in 1981, there weren't any aircraft cleaning products, so we had a bright idea, we invented them. We began in 1981 as a mobile aircraft detailing service. We were forced to use janitorial and automotive cleaning products because aircraft approved products did not exist. Now we only focus on developing and selling aircraft approved detailing products along with accessories. After testing hundreds of formulations, our products are among the finest aviation products available. We guarantee all of our products for life. 

Who We Are

Jet Stream Aviation Products offers a complete line of aircraft detailing products produced by people with decades of experience detailing aircraft. We know exactly what you need inside and out. All of our products have been developed and tested by industry professionals specifically to protect and safely care for your aircraft's exterior and interior. We remain committed to customer service by providing safe, reliable, and high quality detailing products that are among the best in the industry.

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