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Detailing Manual

Due to customer request, Jet Stream Aviation Products has now made available a very thorough manual on how to operate an aircraft detailing business. This is your opportunity to start an exciting career in aviation earning as much as $100.00 per man hour when detailing aircraft. Work part time by picking up a few aircraft to maintain during evenings and weekends or provide a full time detailing service for airports in your area. It is up to you. Manual consists of forty color pages providing step-by-step procedures required to maintain aircraft exterior cosmetics. The last chapter lists each corporate aircraft by manufacture and model providing you with pricing and man-hours for each detailing service performed. This info alone will more than pay for the manual. Detailing services consist of 1. Trip Ready Aircraft, 2. Wet Wash Aircraft, 3. Dry Wash Aircraft, 4. Hand Wax Exterior Paint, 5. Machine Buff Exterior Paint, 6. Polish Bright Work, 7. Refurbish De-Ice Boots, 8. Clean Gear Wells, 9. Carpet Extraction, 10. Interior Detail. This manual will be the foundation your business will be built upon. Detailing products and procedures which took years to develop through hands on experience, will be yours to use from the first day you start your business.

Part # Price
DBM26 $29.95

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