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Plexiglass Cleaning System


Aviation Consumer Magazine puts Plexi-Clear at the top of the list!            Click on The Aviation Consumer logo below to read the complete test!  Plexi-Clear is an aircraft plexiglass cleaner, protectant, and polish which  produces a high luster, soil retarding and water repellant finish to aircraft plexiglass leaving a lustrous surface.  Will dry with no smears, smudges or oily residue.  Also great for cleaning cockpit instrument panels, great at removing oily finger prints.   Flight departments also use Plexi-Clear for interior wipe downs which includes table tops, side panels, leather chairs and galleys leaving behind a very fresh and clean fragrance.  Another use for Plexi-Clear is wiping down polished bright work to remove bugs and finger prints restoring the bright work to a mirror image finish.   

Part # Quantity Price Per Case
PC12 Case/12 $165.86

Plexi-Clear - SDS


Microfiber towels are outstanding when used with Plexi-Clear for cleaning plexiglass, leading edges and general wipe down of the aircraft exteriors and interiors.  Microfiber fabric is 100 times finer than human hair and has ninety thousand micro fibers per square inch.  This makes for superior durability, ultra soft, scratch free and streak free wipe downs.  Wash and reuse.   

Part #                                        Quantity                                         Case Price

MFC36                                           36                                                $36.35

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