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Our History

Frontiers Of Flight Museum Dallas Love Field

In June 2004 we were honored to clean and polish the Learfan 2100 Prototype at the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field before the grand opening and even got on the Metro page Of The Dallas Morning News.

The Very First Ever Aircraft Detailers Workshop At Our Offices At Love Field In 1997

In 1997 we organized the first ever Aircraft Detailers Workshop at our offices at Love Field. Detailers from all over the country came to Dallas to hear guest speakers, learn about detailing trends and products, insurance for aircraft detailers, drum polsihing demo's, and much more during our 3 day event.

First Civilians In History To Wash The Presidential 747 Night Watch Fleet

We were honored to have been the first civilian company to ever get the contract to wash and degrease three of the four Boeing E-4B Presidential 747 "Doomsday" Nightwatch fleet aircraft at E-Systems in Greenville Texas back in the late 80's. This framed picture was given to us by General Jack Ramm after completion. The military had always cleaned this fleet until we were given the contract. The military used 24 airmen working 24 hours a day around the clock and it took them 7 days to complete. Jet Stream went in and worked from sun-up to sun-down, with a crew of 11, and completed each job in 3 days. The only products we used were Jet Stream Safety Wash and Hydrasolve and made history by the only civilians to ever touch this fleet for cleaning.

Jet Stream Mobile Aircraft Detailing Days At Dallas Love Field

Back in the 90's doing some wash jobs in our old hangar along with one of our mobile wash trucks.

Catalogs And Brochures

These are some of our past catalogs. Our first ever brochure, and going way back to our first mail order flyer.

Jet Stream Logo From 1980

Trying to come up with a logo back in 1980. Doodling on paper then ended up using the airplane, cloud, and wings logo. We did use the plane washing itself logo in some ads like Trade-A-Plane.

A Few Trade Publications We Have Been In Over The Years

Sanding And Polishing Leading Edges On A US Postal Service 727 In Greenville Mississippi.

For 15 Years We Traveled To The NBAA Convention In Las Vegas, Atlanta, Orlando, Louisiana, And Dallas With The Beechcraft Company, Astra Jet, And Many Other Private Companies.

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