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PBS De-Ice Boot System


The World's #1 Best Selling De-Ice Boot Treatment In The Aviation Industry. Air New Zealand, pictured above, uses the Pbs Boot System  exclusively on their entire fleet of ATR72-212A aircraft as of January 2023.


Blocks Harmful UV Rays, Dries To A High Gloss, Will Not Streak Back On Wings Or Fly Off.

Pbs Boot Sealant dries quickly to a high gloss finish while offering the longest lasting protection against all weather, wear and tear. Pbs Boot Sealant will prevent black streaks on wings from oily products that fly off. Light Plane Maintenance Magazine says, “Make no mistake, the Pbs Boot System is the best boot treatment we’ve ever seen. Your boots, no matter how old, grungy, yellowed, waxed over or dull will come out looking better than new. The results are nothing short of stunning. Pbs Boot Sealant tested against competitors products, was found to be far superior in both results and ease of application”. AOPA Magazine says in the May 2000 issue, “So far the best product we’ve used on boots is PBS made by Jet Stream.”

Part # Quantity Price Per Bottle Case Price
PBS01 1 Quart Bottle $80.82 N/A
PBS06 Case 6 Quarts $75.16 $450.96
PBS12 Case 12 Quarts $71.12 $853.44

Pbs Boot Sealant - SDS



Pbs Prep Is The First Step To Fantastic Looking De-Ice Boots.

Pbs Prep is formulated for use before each Pbs Boot Sealant application to avoid dulling and hard to remove build-up. Pbs Prep will effectively clean pneumatic de-ice boots of all old boot treatments assuring the best results possible when applying Pbs Boot Sealant. Failure to prepare de-ice boots with Pbs Prep may result in dulling due to build-up.

Part # Quantity Price Per Bottle Case Price
PREP01 1 Quart Bottle $46.10 N/A
PREP06 Case 6 Quarts $41.28 $247.68
PREP12 Case 12 Quarts $37.12 $452.64



This kit is designed to equip the user with the proper ratio of Pbs Sealant & Pbs Prep to maintain the de-ice boots on an aircraft. Aircraft operators normally use 2 quarts of Pbs Prep for every 1 quart of Pbs Sealant. The kit includes two reusable Microfiber applicators to apply Pbs Sealant, and two reusable scrubbing sponges for cleaning boots with Pbs Prep. This economical kit is the best possible system for achieving fantastic results when refurbishing de-ice boots.

Part # Kit Price
PKIT1 $347.83


These soft 100% microfiber five inch diameter polish applicators are extremely durable, with double stitched seams, over a foam disc. These wax applicators are a must when applying Pbs to aircraft de-ice boots, lint free streak free. Applicators can be washed and reused numerous times.

Part # Quantity Price
PA12 Case 12 $34.96

DE-ICE BOOT REFURBISHING has always been a challenge for aircraft owners. Our competitors offer half the shine at three times the price. Read below about the best De-Ice Boot protection system in the industry.

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